Inspiring innovation

Innovation is our greatest inspiration

HSC ensures complete visibility and full control in global supply chains.

Supply Chain Visibility, Brand Protection and secure data management via blockchain technology are our main assets.

Protect your Products, involve your Customers: rely on HSC.


Digitization & Green Economy represent the pillars of the future, destined to influence every sector and all types of business.

In this hyper-technological age, simplifying the complex processes of supply chains through innovation is one of the driving targets of digital transformation.

Inspiring Innovation

Innovate, choose distinctive approaches to change, move towards revolution, or simply evolve.

Today, Companies and Institutions can confidently undertake these paths and HSC is the ideal Partner.

HSC Hub: Manage and lead your Supply Chain

Today it is essential to know how to take new opportunities, welcome the Change by finding new ways to grow and foresee any risks that would otherwise catch us unprepared.

But today it is above all important to reinvent yourself because the future will be profoundly different.

In our Hub, we study and develop architectures and technological platforms to manage the production and supply chains that today are developing on a global scale and are increasingly based on outsourcing strategies that integrate a multitude of services.

These chains, especially the international ones, are often not linear; their efficiency depends on the ability to orchestrate the collaboration between the various players involved and create trust, integrating operations in the various steps of the supply chain.


B2B Supply Chain Visibility platform


B2B-B2C Platform/App Pets Health


B2B Sales Platform/App for Pharmaceuticals


Digital Transformation
Industry 4.0 – PNRR – NFT


The Supply Chain Visibility platform

Resilyera, the HSC Supply Chain Visibility tool, allows you to digitally connect all the operators of your Logistics Chain in a single platform, optimizing the production and distribution chain, ensuring efficiency, compliance, sustainability, transparency and profitability of the purchasing processes , storage, transport and delivery of products to end customers.

A complete visibility of your Supply Chain allows you to access, at any point of your Supply Chain, real-time data relating to processes to effectively manage potential interruptions in operational flows.


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