A new digital ecosystem, 100% Made in Italy

Multi devices

The digital platforms of HSC have characteristics of innovation and integrity and are able to guarantee an excellent quality of information.

We build effective, interconnected and functional visibility systems for identifying, collecting and sharing information at any stage of the life cycle of products and production and logistics flows.

Our technologies take supply chains one step further; we transform them into Value Chains, creating a solid connection between physical objects and their digital life, for an absolute guarantee of authenticity of products and information, even beyond the Supply Chain.

Choose the Digital Supply Chain, track, manage, certify and measure data in total security!

Brand protection

Complete process visibility, product tracking and secure data management are the right methods to protect your Brand and to effectively fight, reduce and defeat counterfeiting.

Our innovative platforms offer unique services for the management, tracking and monitoring of assets of various types and size, from land, sea and air cargo transports, to “last miles”, from pallets, packaging, up to single product packages.

We guarantee the deepest visibility to manage the Supply Chain in an agile way and in real time, both with active supports (e.g. IoT devices) and with passive supports (e.g. isothermal containers).

The advantages are:

Cost optimisation

Reduction of annual logistics costs, route optimization and predictive maintenance.

Real time tracking

Reduction of irregularities, compliance with contractual terms and improvement of planning and risk management.

Traceability of products

Traceability of every single delivery point and supply chain, always and at any time and in an immediate way.

Enhancement of IoT technologies

Competitiveness, transparency of data and information, efficiency and compliance of distribution processes.


Collection of data and documents on a unique visibility platform, available to all players and the Authorities.

Data guarantee

Accurate, validated, immutable and highly traceable data. Document changes are tracked and securely saved.

Fight against counterfeiting

Reduction of fraud, theft and attempts to enter counterfeit products in legal supply chains.


The control of the entire distribution chain process which becomes more reliable and transparent.

No deviations

Avoid errors in the operating process and minimize deviations.


Save time and therefore costs thanks to complete visibility of the supply chain and interoperability.

Immediate intervention

The certainty of an immediate intervention in favor of the quality and integrity of the products.

Data storage

Data archiving with the highest levels of security and forgery-proof thanks to blockchain technology.