HSC ensures control, resilience and transparency in global supply chains, connecting all Stakeholders involved through a unique digital platform.

Manufacturing sites & 3PLs

(Third Party Logistic)

Logistic HUBs

Activities related to the transport, classification, shipment and distribution of goods for national and international transit.

Transit Point

Regional, national and foreign transit points in support of the main distribution network. In the transit points, the goods are temporarily stored pending final delivery.

Last Mile

“Last mile” before the delivery of the product to the end Customer.


Third-party company that takes care of the last step of delivering the product to the end Customer.


Effective delivery of the product to the buyer, be it a private person, a shop, a large-scale distribution or (currently the main target for the use of Resyliera) a pharmacy, a hospital or a patient at home.

Resilyera by HSC offers a complete possibility of integration with hardware and software systems currently used by Manufacturers, Regulatory Authorities, Banks, Logistics and Transport Operators such as, for example, ERP, asset tracker devices, TMS, WMS, RFID/NFC scan, fleet management, predictive vehicle maintenance, adaptive route optimization.

Resilyera is the only supply chain visibility platform capable of going beyond delivery, bringing all the information into the hands of each individual end Customer in an integrated way thanks to the «Content Delivery» module which creates a robust link between physical objects and their digital life.

The Supply Chain, governed thanks to this innovative platform, becomes a strategic asset for Client Companies because it guarantees real-time visibility of all production, logistics and distribution processes (internal and outsourced) which remain constantly and completely under control.

Resilyera guarantees Sustainability (because it allows you to calculate ESG parameters) and Compliance thanks to perfect management of all operational flows.

The advantages of Resilyera

Real-time monitoring

Real-time process monitoring and product tracking.


of the entire production, logistics and distribution chain.


of the product or shipment.

Authentic Products

“Authentic products thanks to a unique tool for the fight against counterfeiting”.


“Fewer lost and stolen products thanks to complete control during the distribution phases”.

Product integrity

“Integrity of the products thanks to a constant measurement of the parameters during all stages of the supply chain”.

Resilyera integration

“Integration via API with all management and operating systems on the market, to guarantee interoperability.”

Smart Logistic

“Smart Logistics Optimization of distribution routes and logistics flows. Predictive fleet maintenance.”

Customer Satisfaction

Chat & Call Center active 24/7, KPI & Reporting.

Our selected devices

HSC also integrates geolocalized multi-parameter detection “IoT” devices into its Supply Chain Visibility platform “Resilyera”, with the addition of the use of a blockchain network that guarantees a certified, reliable, immutable, shareable and permanent channel for collecting data from objects potentially present throughout the real world.

This allows “intelligent” machines to record and present information in real time in an understandable, secure, normalized way, and offer a strong “brand protection” tool, the fight against counterfeiting and an effective management of the flows of the most complex supply chains.

Kelvin M200

Real-time Track & Trace For Pharma World Logistics

Kelvin M300

Real-time Track & Trace With -100°C To +100°C Range

Kelvin S100

Single Use Connected Real-time Track & Trace

Pixel W100

Live Temperature & Humidity Monitoring With 1 Year Battery Life.

Pixel W300

Live Temperature Monitoring With 1 Year Battery Life & -100°C to +100°C Range

Proton S100

Single Use USB Temperature Data Logger

Proton S200

Single Use USB Temperature Data Logger With Display

Proton S300

Single Use Ultra-negative Temperature Data Logger With Display

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